The complete guide to Pay N Play®

Why gaming will never be the same...

Pay N Play® has revolutionized the gaming industry by streamlining the player experience and simplifying acquisition and compliance for operators. In this ebook, you'll learn how the technology works, its main benefits, and what innovations are around the corner.

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The complete guide to Pay N Play®
  • How Pay N Play® works
  • The key benefits for operators and players
  • The different ways to implement Pay N Play®
  • What's next for Pay N Play®

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Reduce player churn with streamlined registration and instant withdrawals

Pay N Play® enables instant deposits and withdrawals, which boosts conversion and grows retention rate for operators while increasing overall player satisfaction.

"Because Pay N Play® bundles the deposit and registration process, there is no chance that players register but never deposit."
The complete guide to Pay N Play®

“Pay N Play® has quickly become the industry standard in multiple markets. This ebook tells the story behind its game-changing success and reveals how you can get in on the action.“

Vasilije Lekovic
Director of Gaming Accounts at Trustly